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I completed the game. I found revolver ammo by searching around the area during the monsters fight. 

Restarting the game solved the invisible monsters issue.

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One of the best FPSC games. However, it still matches the level of a free indie Unity horror game., except more buggy.

1- The grammar needs to be improved A LOT. It would be better if the developer made someone improve it for him.

2- "Find X items" missions are very boring and hard. The first kind of this mission required the player to collect 3 limbs. Due to the color scheme of the game, I assumed that some of the limbs were rocks. Also, one of the limbs is hidden under a cart guarded by an enemy, how fair. Another type of this mission wanted the player to find a key and grab a ladder. Here's the problem, the key is very small, I missed it multiple times when scouting the areas.

3- The combat sucks, as usual with FPSC games. I only have 6 revolver bullets and an axe to kill 5 monsters. It takes 3 bullets to kill 1 monster. The melee combat is very awful.

4- Game breaking bug: "Sean" monster is invisible. He hits me, but I can't hit him. This is the point where I stopped.

Other than the game design issues, this game is not bad. The developer is very talented since he was able push the FPSC engine to its limits. The world would be a better place once he moves to Unreal 4, Unity or any other respectable engine.



Nice gameplay :) 



I agree with the positive reviews.  I found this game very interesting.  It was simple yet had an eerie feel to it.  I enjoyed the 90s style graphics.  Yes there were mechanical and spelling issues and it did freeze on me once, but this IS a demo.  It is not finished yet so I overlooked those issues and focused more on the storyline and how the game made me FEEL. 


Thanks for your feedback, I am very glad that you liked my game.  I will correct mistakes and improve the game :)

Played this for a 3 free indie horrors video. I was looking forward to this one as the graphical design and atmosphere was very pleasing to me, however i was let down with the game not only failing to deliver the intended experience but breaking and not allowing me to finish the game in the process. I give a full honest, and in-depth review below. 

Super cool game! Looooove the style. Made a video: 

Yeah I have to say the installation for this game was a bit weird. It was a decent demo though, the story is there but the gameplay makes it fall flat. I'll be checking this out again in the future if its updated :)

Nice game wait for full game :) 

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Well, on the first look it seemed like a virus. I have no idea of engine that you have used. I like the climate of game and location. You should delete all paint images and watch for spelling. The game have not any jumpscares etc. It's just a walking in "red city" simulator. Maybe after updates it will be fixed. Good luck and thank you for game :)

Thanks for playing!  Your opinion is very important for me and I will  correct/add everything that you wrote to the full version of the game.